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Miss Emma, the Reading Whisperer, has been sharing her literacy teaching techniques and resources for over a decade. These are specifically created for ALL students, including non verbal ASD students and those with Dyslexia. 'Keep it simple. Teach every child as if they have Dyslexia'

These Speech Sound Monsters are aligned with the IPA, so each has their own phonetic symbol. 

The words are SSP 'Code Mapped', a patented technique to show the phoneme to grapheme links AND 'Monster Mapped' to show WHICH phoneme each grapheme represents.

Miss Emma calls these 'teacherless teaching tools' as students of all ages can work out ANY words, by simply 'following the Monster Sounds'. In order to ensure that the least amount of info is needed, the Speech Sound Monsters link to a speech sound and NOT a letter. 

After working with students who have issues such as learning difficulties, poor working memory, phonemic awareness deficits, speech and communication difficulties, she has realised that using a 'visual prompt' such as 'a for apple' or 's for snake' makes the process harder for a lot of students. They have to 'translate' too many bits of information. They learn the associated speech sound with a generic 'monster' which is reinforced with music and movement, and therefore have the greatest opportunity to make the right connections, and retain the information long term.
This is also essential for students who speak English as a second language. They can learn the Monsters sounds and how to speak English at the same time.  

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Code Mapping and Monster
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