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The cards support student learning using SSP 'Monster Mapping' ie Linguistic and Visual Phonics.  

Information about Magic Words International 

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Why teach Magic Words?

Students who learn the Magic Words rapidly improve reading, fluency and comprehension. 


Magic Words are the most frequently used words in reading and are essential to every student's literacy success.

The first 300 Magic Words make up 70%, on average, of all reading.  That is seven out of every ten words a student will read is a Magic Word!

Magic Words International undertook an extensive worldwide literature search of English word lists and word frequency research, to source the highest quality and most current data available.

Many high frequency word lists exist, often sourced from publishers who only include the books from their own reading schemes. These lists, sourced from a small sample of books are of limited value, and hold little appeal to most teachers, as they transfer poorly to other reading schemes and indeed to general reading.

​Magic Words International conducted a meta-analysis of the research into word frequencies of the data collected, from around the world. This resulted in an extensive study of the research, development of a robust selection criteria and meticulous academic examination to ascertain the most statistically significant set of words.

This rigorous study produced a unique compilation of words, with the highest statistical significance, for anyone learning to read in English.

Magic Words International was able to group these words into levels, identifiable by colours, based upon the statistical analysis of the frequency of each word, to provide the greatest efficacy in teaching.  

The educational value of this unique compilation of words, in this order and frequency, surpasses other lists published to date.  

The M100W - Magic Words materials are copyright protected. All rights reserved. All of the resources, including the words in coloured levels, are fully protected under the Copyright Act 1968 of Australia and subsequent amendments.

No part of these materials may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, emailed, broadcast or communicated in any form or by any means, optical, digital, electronic, mechanical, smart boards, Power Point, blogs, recorded or otherwise. 

This powerful list provides superior educational outcomes and is now used in schools around the world and in over 80% of Australian Primary Schools.

​Students who learn the Magic Words rapidly improve reading, fluency and comprehension

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