Do you use PM Levelled Readers and Benchmarking Tools?
Monster Mapping will help students learn the high frequency words most commonly used in PM Levels 1 - 10 readers and assessment texts. 


The PMs 

The PMs are a unique collection of over 1000 levelled fiction and non-fiction texts. Boasting a variety of quality narratives with a breadth of subject matter, these titles will stimulate, engage and inspire young readers to lifelong reading success. With pedagogically sound and meticulously levelled resources, the PMs provide teachers with a complete literacy program to help them enable students to master the competencies of highly successful literate children.




Miss Emma has been advising Australian teachers, for almost a decade, to start with a solid foundation based on 'code mapping' skills before sending PM readers home. Teachers have found that when students are working towards the end of the SSP Code Level Yellow, they will benchmark at around a PM Level 10 (which is around the expected level for a student at the end of their first year of school, according to education dept expectations) They report that students working towards the end of the SSP Blue Code Level will read around a PM20, unseen, with fluency and comprehension. Because of this focus on phonemic awareness and phonics (linguistic and visual) taught systematically, teachers can use the fiction and no-fiction titles earlier and more effectively within guided reading sessions. 

Rather than joining in on the 'reading wars' with one 'camp' fighting for phonics and decodable readers, and the other for 'sight words' (taught only as whole words) within the 'whole language' approach (three cueing system) she has created an approach that ensures that all students have the underlying phonemic awareness and phonics skills to be able to read all of the words in an UNSEEN PM Level 10 reader well before the end of their first year of school.  


On this page she shows how to ensure that students learn to recognise and spell the
most commonly used words from PM Levels 1 - 10. 
They do this using linguistic phonics (mapping speech sounds and graphemes) with
visual phonics (showing students how to say the sounds, and blend into the word. 
This is ground breaking work ! Students ideally undertake this work alongside
systematic phonics instruction, using the Speech Sound Pics Approach activities. 


Students quickly learn the phonemes associated with each Speech Sound Monster.
Each Monster links with the Phonetic Symbols used by Speech Therapists around the world.
Transcribe English words into their phonetic symbols using free web sites
eg Speech Pathologists around the world are using Phase 1
- check it out here ! - and parents are teaching their children to read BEFORE they
start school using the 'Teaching Reading and Spelling' Kit.  

Miss Emma analysed the PM 1- 10 levelled readers to come up with the following high frequency words.
She then 'Code Mapped' them (a patented SSP technique to show how each word is segmented into graphemes)and Monster Mapped them (to show WHICH phoneme each grapheme represents) 

Kylie is using the SSP Monster Mapping app with her students, to learn the Monster Sounds and Moves! 

Video for Whiteboards and Tablets (Preview only)

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PM Readers Levels 1- 10 HFWs

Student (Assessment) Booklet


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Code Mapping and Monster
Mapping High Frequency Words

Miss Emma's Speedy Sight Words - SSP Approach
Students learn to read AND spell hundreds of high frequency words in their first year of school !

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