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Miss Emma's Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach
Duck Level Words (400+ High Frequency Words)


Order the 'Sight Words Done Differently' Super Card Pack. 

Includes the first words used in SSP Duck,  Fry (200) and Dolch (240) words.
Write the number in the cloud according to order, as taught at your school.
eg put the number 1 in this cloud (word 'the') if using Dolch or Fry.

The cards support student learning using SSP 'Monster Mapping'
ie Linguistic and Visual Phonics. 

Speedy Sight Words from Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer. The 'best web site for sight words' ! 
Order the Sight Words Done Differently Handbook !

Marking with 'e' in the word 'the' to show if it represents the 'ee' sound, or the schwa ! Speech Sound Detectives @ TLC Noosa !

Learning how we 'talk on paper' is really interesting !

90+ High Frequency
400+ High Frequency Words 

The SSP Monster Mapping app 

Miss Emma's 'Code Mapping' AND 'Monster Mapping' techniques to teach the 400+ high frequency words ensure that students can not only recognise the words QUICKLY (as if 'by sight) but ALSO spell the words correctly, and recognise spelling patterns.
The techniques help students learn words independently. They can 'follow the monster sounds' if unsure

Students learn the Speech Sound Monsters quickly and easily. Put the '2 Minute Monsters' video on every day.  
(SSP Monster Mapping app)

Miss Emma is using 'Linguistic' and 'Visual' Phonics, to 'map' phonemes (speech sounds) and graphemes (Sound Pics)

These words are also explored in meaningful context. Learning is FUN !

You can order the SSP Duck Level words, and order in any way you wish, eg Letters and SoundsFry, Dolch, Oxford !   

SSP Monster Mapping Training Online at the Dyslexia Doctor House

Monster Mapping with Miss Emma!
Testimonials - Mis Emma, SSP.

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Code Mapping and Monster
Mapping High Frequency Words

Miss Emma's Speedy Sight Words - SSP Approach
Students learn to read AND spell hundreds of high frequency words in their first year of school !

Free Sight Word Lists !Speedy Sight Words. 'The best sight word web site !' Free sight word lessons for whiteboards from Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer. Read more about Code Mapping and Monster Mapping at the 'Dyslexia Doctor House'. Sight words for dyslexic students -  dyslexia won't hold us back !